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Degassing valves are known for its great function by being able to release carbon IV oxide (co2) from inside a pouch and not allowing the penetration or passage of oxygen, air, and moisture into the pouch. And so degassing valves tends to effectively preserve and maintain the taste, aroma and freshness of the packaged products. Most commodities like coffee tends to release a lot of gases the moment it has been packaged in a pouch or bag, and if there is no way the heat or gases could be released and getting rid of, then the product can spoil easily that is why the degassing valves are important. To have a better and high quality degassing valves, the use of quality materials is very important; such materials include the following;


These materials make no harmful effect when used in the manufacturing of degassing valves to the product or pouches it is manufactured with. The degassing valves functions in a special manner as thus; firstly the inner pressure and outer pressure is at a balance, as the pressure of the carbon iv oxide inside the pouch increases, the rubber disk of the degassing valve opens to let the out flow of the inner pressure, immediately after that, the rubber closes to prevent the external air entering the pouch to oxidize the packaged product, and this is why the degassing valve is unique.
The structure of the degassing valves includes;

  • POLYTHENE BASE; Is directly sealed on the packaging bag
  • BOTTON CAP: this is coupled to the polythene base known as a snap-on-cap.
  • RUBBER DISK: this is between the base and cap of the valves, it works flexibly as the door open and close of the valve.
  • ADHESIVE: This is made of silicone oil, it seals the rubber disk to the polythene base.
  • FILTER: this is installed at the polythene base that directly connects to the product and aids the degassing valves not to be blocked by the particles from the packaged product.

Some of the pouches the degassing valves could be used on according to the custom specifications and order include the following;


For Custom Products