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We make stock and custom products of pouches and bags used for the packaging of different kinds of products.

Custom products are those types that a particular customer will want us to design for him or her, and the bag can carry the company name of the person, address, product name, and other nutritional information about the product.

While the stock product is not manufactured for any particular client or customer and so anybody can request for it for the packaging of their various products.

The minimum order for stock is 1,000 units.
The minimum order for custom is 10,000 units.

Generally it takes 6 weeks for the custom order to be delivered, because custom packaging products have its formalities and protocols to be processed.

If you want your packaging bags or pouches to be customized, all you need to do is to make the graphic design of how you want it to look like by yourself or you can seek for the services of a professional designer to do it for you, after that you can then send to us the design you have so that we can use it and manufacture for you what you want.

YES, you can see the samples, we can send it to you, but you have to pay a little amount of 30$ so that the sample can be send or mailed to you to see.

You can pay with PAYPAL ONLINE, OR WITH MASTER CARD OR VISA CARD OR BANK PAYMENT. Also you can contact us to know more about mode of payment.

As soon as we confirm your flexible order, one of our sales executive will let you know and you can track it then.

For stock product orders that have been processed after its payment has been made and confirmed, it takes 7-10 working days, depending on the country which the products are to be delivered to. So tracking information is given on request.

Included charges are Transportation and insurance charges, and all costs involves packaging material order price apart from the import duties which is charged on certain goods in your country.

YES, we have express delivery options, but you have to pay some additional charges for it, since express delivery charges are not included in the packaging material order price.

Conclusion: we welcome your questions and queries and we are happy to respond to them as soon as possible, so feel free to ask when you are in doubt for a better clarification.