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About Us

About US

SWISS PACK PVT LTD was established in the year 1992, with its head office located in Vadodara in Gujarat state, INDIA. A country in the Asian continent of the world.


Our competence and hard work have made us to grow successfully and this is why have set up our manufacturing facilities and sales offices in countries like, USA, AUSTRALIA, MEXICO, MORROCO IN AFRICA, CANADA,AND CHINA, this is to make sure that our services reaches the whole world.


From the inception of our company, we have been utilizing high modern technological machines and equipments such as the ROTOGRAVURE MACHINES that print up to 9-colours in manufacturing of our products, and we employed a lot of Engineers, professionals and highly skilled personnel who are hard working, ever willing and capable to attain to the needs of our customers. So this makes us to become the leading company among other manufacturing companies in the whole world.


We utilize FDA approved high quality materials in making our flexible pouches and that is why a lot of industries can come to us. We consider packaging for industries like, FOOD INDUSTRY, PHARMACEUTICAL, COFFEE, TEA, BREWS, COSMETICS, and lots of others just to mention a few.


We are professional in making stand up pouches, side gusset pouches, pillow pouches, quad seal pouches, flat bottom pouches, spout pouches, zippers and re-sealable bags etc. We are the quickest company in given satisfaction to the needs and desires of our customers and clients.


Swiss pack is the answer to all packaging issues; the satisfaction of our customers is our utmost desire, come to us today and worries no more.